General FAQ

For Version 1.x

Why does this MineRL version take so long to install?

Previous versions compiled the game binary when reset gets called. v1.0.0 compiles the binary during install, so MineRL wont have to do so on reset calls. This makes reset faster. Also see the Windows FAQ for slow install info.

Failed to initialize GLFW or GLX problems

This can occur when attempting to run on a headless system without using something like xvfb.

Try xvfb-run -a python [path to your code]

For Version 0.4.x

When I run MineRL, a tiny window pops up and I cant see what my agent is doing. Is something wrong?

No, this is the proper way that MineRL runs. Try useing env.render() if you need to watch your agent.

Why is MineRL giving timeout errors or agents with Connection timed out! errors?

If a MineRL Window is not :code:`step`ed within X seconds, it will automatically crash. This is to prevent MineRL from hanging if Minecraft stops working properly.

Why do MineRL windows sometimes just crash?

Unfortunately, there are bugs in Minecraft which sometimes cause crashes :(