MineRL Obtain Diamond Environments

The goal of these environments is to obtain diamonds and build items from them.


ESC is not used in Diamond environments


Diamond environments also receive direct inventory observations (e.g. "apple":5 if the agent has five apples)


In this environment the agent is required to obtain a diamond shovel. The agent begins in a random starting location on a random survival map without any items, matching the normal starting conditions for human players in Minecraft.

During an episode the agent is rewarded according to the requisite item hierarchy needed to obtain a diamond shovel. The rewards for each item are given here:

<Item reward="1" type="log" />
<Item reward="2" type="planks" />
<Item reward="4" type="stick" />
<Item reward="4" type="crafting_table" />
<Item reward="8" type="wooden_pickaxe" />
<Item reward="16" type="cobblestone" />
<Item reward="32" type="furnace" />
<Item reward="32" type="stone_pickaxe" />
<Item reward="64" type="iron_ore" />
<Item reward="128" type="iron_ingot" />
<Item reward="256" type="iron_pickaxe" />
<Item reward="1024" type="diamond" />
<Item reward="2048" type="diamond_shovel" />

Max Episode Steps



env = gym.make("MineRLObtainDiamondShovel-v0")